Tips to buy a High Mileage Car

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to save money, and sometimes those sacrifices come in the form of a higher mileage car. Cars with higher mileage usually aren’t very attractive but are not always a bad option. If the car has been taken care of for its entire life, the amount of miles will not matter much at all. Just remember to keep your eye out for some tell-tale signs that will help you judge the health of the vehicle.

Where is the RUST

Older cars almost always have some degree of rust on them and depending on where the rust is can be a big problem. If the rust is really bad you will need to decide if repairing bumpers, side panels, or getting a new paint job is worth the investment.

Check the Engine Compression

Older vehicles with higher mileage will need to have their engines checked for optimal performance. Have a mechanic do a compression test for you. The mechanic will remove a spark plug and place a compression gauge in its place to check the PSI. A good pressure rating shouldn’t fluctuate more than 25 PSI between cylinders.

What Shape is the Interior in?

A car’s interior can tell you a lot about its age. Older higher mileage vehicles have probably gone through multiple owners and the interior can take a hit. Check for holes and tears and ask the dealership you are going through if repairs can be negotiated before the sale.

Pay attention to the Exhaust

High mileage cars can be prone to burning oil in the engine and thus can emit a bluish colored smoke. Also black and even white smoke that is emitted through the exhaust could give you some indication that there are more problems at hand than you’ve previously thought.

Use these tips to find the best higher mileage car on the market. There are plenty of options out there so take your time if you have it and find something that is in good shape and will last you a few years.

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