PCM an Automotive Component of Dodge

The computer for dodge is also known as Module PCM (Poertrain control Module), module ECM (Electronic Control Module) or unit ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and it is in charge to monitor all the sensors of the motor and according to its parameters, it controls Actuators that govern the engine such as injectors, generation of ignition voltage, correction of the amount of fuel delivered, control of emissions of gases from combustion and much more.

The PCM module is very robust in both electrical and mechanical construction so replacement must be done under very special circumstances, first considering the failure of external components such as sensors and actuators. In any case, the connector or connectors have a package that prevents moisture from entering the connector or the PCM directly, so it is always necessary to check the integrity of the packaging in order to avoid entering the water that damages and damages the PCM module or Connections.

For proper operation of the dodge PCM module it is necessary to securely fasten the shell of the dodge as well as the connector are correctly inserted and fixed, it must be confirmed that all the pins of the PCM module are straight and without any corrosion Or dirt that could compromise the electrical contact.In addition, there are one or more ground wires that are connected to a bolt in the chassis and that ensure the electrical grounding of the module.

The PCM module has no internal fuses, protection is from the fuse box in the engine compartment, and can be 1 or 2 fuses labeled PCM, ECU or ECM. If one or both of the PCM fuses are blown, the engine can not be started. If one or both fuses of the PCM module are found to be not necessarily because the PCM Module is damaged, an external short-circuit may have occurred in an actuator or controller connected to the PCM, which is why it is necessary to perform several checks before Think about PCM damage. Accidental short-circuiting of the PCM module terminals with the ignition switch in contact may also cause the PCM fuses to be blown without damaging the PCM.

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