Mahindra Bolero – Features, Reviews and More

Mahindra Bolero has made a name for itself in its eleven-year-long lifetime and all of the Mahindra Bolero reviews, agree unanimously on one point. The sturdiness of the Mahindra Bolero is endorsed in almost all Bolero reviews singing praises to the tough character of the SUV vehicle that has been tailor-made to suit the notorious roads of Indian hinterland. Be it Bolero ZLX reviews or Bolero SLX reviews, these SUV offerings of Mahindra have always been best-sellers. The automobile giant has launched a new model that goes by the name of Bolero Power Plus which is power packed with smart features. Here is a look at the features of the Bolero Power Plus that are new and unique,

Engine – The Mahindra Bolero Power Plus comes with a three-cylinder 1493cc diesel engine that brings out a torque of 71hp and 195Nm which is pretty impressive. This is a remarkable refinement for a utility vehicle.  It can move smoothly without any trouble- on rugged roads as well as in traffic jams.

Design and interior – The dazzling new Mahindra Bolero Power Plus is slightly shorter than its predecessors, coming down to 4meters from a 4.1meter height. As for the interior, it looks swanky and is pretty spacious with its 7-seater capacity. The seats are ergonomically designed and the legroom is same as before but overall, it feels improved.

Exterior – The outer body looks tough-as-nails and the hawk-eye headlamps add to the rugged beauty of the new Bolero. The bumpers enhance the power-packed persona of the SUV vehicle and the stylish mirrors bring in some dapper appeal.

Smart features – Mahindra Bolero Power Plus comes with many advanced features that make it bargain for its price. The innovative driver information system that keeps one updated about the fuel and engine status. The smart voice messaging system alerts one for an open door, missed seat belt, etc. and an advanced digital display further glorifies the interior beauty and safety of the car.

So, it is clear that the features have only added to the prestige of the strong Mahindra Bolero SUV model and therefore, the Mahindra Bolero reviews are only going to get better with time. Whether it is the latest Power Plus or the slightly older ZLX and SLX.

Mahindra SUVs continues to charm drivers with its power-packed performance and offer Bolero owners that modern-day, stylish appeal, with advanced power-packed features that keep them coming back for more. Mahindra Bolero Power was covered in ‘Statesman’ along with many other reputable magazines and articles, which boast the Mahindra Bolero reviews making it the blue-eyed boy on the SUV highway.

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