Lamborghini V12 Engine – What Advantages They Bring To The Table

The beauty and power of a Lamborghini model attract everyone from kids to youngsters and adult. Every Lamborghini model you see on the road is exclusive in their own way. The ultra-modern facilities & exceptional body lines make Lamborghini a dream car to have. Driving a Lamborghini is sure to turn heads of many no matter how reach they are. In this article, we will throw a look at the Lamborghini  V12 engine which has captured a lot of attentions because of its sheer power and performance.

Ever since Lamborghini set out to compete with Ferrari & manufacture true supercars that the world has never seen earlier, they also have been exploring the power & feel of  V12 engines.

Why does Lambo employ a V12 engine?
The  V12 engine format is certainly not the sole engine that Lambo has ever employed, but it’s the most widespread, and the reasons are multiple. For beginners, any large cylinder engine is naturally better balanced, which guides to fewer vibration & a comfortable ride.

More essentially, due to that balance, engineers don’t need to use as much counterbalance in the rotating shaft. This denotes that your V12 Lamborghini engine has fewer dead loads to speed up when you step on the pedal. Talking about smoothness, with twelve cylinders, there’s a cylinder fueling every 60 degree of rotary motion making for effortless power delivery.

When it comes to power, with small cylinders  V12 engine can naturally produce high performance with less engine pressure. You can accomplish this with a small engine, but a small cylinder is restricted in how much performance it can produce, this’s why increasing the cylinder count to twelve offers you the ideal synchronization between high revs, and ample displacements to really speed up performance on the road.

Cons of a Lamborghini V12 engine:
With many advantages, there’re also a few cons of a V12 engine, and the number one being its heavy price tag. It’s both pricey to assemble & manufacture a V12 engine, much more compared to a V8. This price is mainly because of the extreme volume of complication integrated into designing the V12. With 48 valves and 12 pistons, there’re a significant number of moving parts.

Weight and size are the other cons of a V12 engine. You’ve to have plenty of room to put a V12 in your vehicle, and that is why Lambo designs often look built about that engine. As far as weight is concerned, yes they’re bulky, but one can make up for that load with the huge amount of power of the engine, which discussed earlier.

The rest comes down to balancing the vehicle, which is why a great deal of engineering goes into the Lambo suspension. It is also why latest Lambo models like the Aventador & the V10-powered  Huracan remain mid-engine at present.

Hence relying on OEM suppliers is a good choice where you will get the opportunity to get discounts and easy replacement procedures of Lambo part.
A supercar like Lamborghini needs proper care and maintenance to deliver the best speed & performance. In this case, you can take into account the Lamborghini manual, which can offer you all the details regarding the engine of a specific Lambo model.

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