In-car LCD monitor maintain and replace

As more and more car monitors are present in vehicles, and keeping them clean at all times may prove a bit of a challenge for users. Whether it is about monitors that are part of the instrument cluster of a car or the screens of the GPS units or the entertainment system display, the products required for cleaning them are often the same. The two main types of screens used for car monitors are TFT and LCD. Both of these require special attention when cleaning in order to avoid any kind of damage.

If you are interested in keeping the monitors in your vehicle clean, you should opt for specific cleaning products, but also for products that can protect the device against dirt and scratches. Learn more about various kinds of products that can keep your monitor clean and how to use them in order to make an informed choice.

How to choose a lcd monitor for replacement
After a careful examination of the whole instrument cluster, if it is only the monitor problem that leads to an unworkable situation, all you need to do is doing your research on how to choose an appropriate LCD Display. Availability and performance are always the key factors to consider when selecting an alternative monitor, besides, you also have to consider the viewing angle, brightness, response time, power and size. What’s more, price is also a key factor. After all you don’t have to waste too much money on it. A cost-effective price for a high quality replacement is the best. Here is an example for you.

SA1235 LCD monitor, a monitor with Ribbon/Flat Cable for Instrument Cluster and dashboard use. Compatible for Porsche 996 986 (middle LCD). perfect visual effect and legible to read. brand new monitor for replacement just the same as the OE one. perfect brightness, superior color.

Tips for Maintaining Your Monitor Clean
Before cleaning a car monitor, it is important to notice that these displays are very sensitive and they can easily become scratched or damaged. For this reason, you need to treat them just as you would do with your e-book reader, laptop, or tablet screen. The good news, however, is that it does not take too much time or knowledge to keep a car monitor clean.

How to Clean a Car Monitor
The first thing to do when cleaning a car monitor is to turn off the device. This is not only for safety reasons, but you can see the oily or dirty areas better when the screen is dark. Using a soft cloth, wipe the screen gently and, if needed, use a cleaning fluid especially designed for these kinds of screens. Avoid multi-purpose cleaners when cleaning car monitors. You can only use them on the plastic edge surrounding the screen, but be careful not to touch the screen itself with such a cleaner.

What SACER provides to customers
SACER strives to provide a truly qualified products and professional service with great attention to detail to our customers, mainly in European and North American auto repair shops and factories. to provide an affordable repair alternative that not only restores your part to like new condition, but in many cases improve on the reliability and longevity. We cover a large range of product categories, which includes the off-the-shelf products of instrument LCD display, ABS/ECU/repair spare parts, DC motor for throttle body and automobile semiconductors, etc.

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