How to make your Ford Mustang perform even better/ Ford mustang accessories?

It a desire of every Mustang or any other vintage Ford owner sees his machine perform even better against others. It may be increasing the horsepower, handling, or even improving braking systems. There are various Ford Mustang Accessories you can use to achieve your purpose. Below is a list of potential tweaks you can apply.

Use dry cell battery to ease the weight off the front wheels. They are so light in weight and minimal meaning they will fit comfortably in rare occasions. Also, you don’t have to worry about any aqueous acid, and you don’t need them. While this is the best solution, somebody might decide to move the battery to the trunk. This may work, but due to that range between the starter and the battery, there will be loss of voltage. For dry cell batteries and other Ford Mustang accessories, visit our catalog at

Use electric fuel pump to help you keep your car safe. Its fuel cutoff switch can be placed in any location inside your vehicle. This affordable accessory is most reliable compared to high car alarms in the market.

Drill a 1/8 inch hole in the rear of distributor gap to allow ions to escape. You might be wondering where are they from. During ignition, high voltage current will ionize materials under your distributor hole. Ions will cause the spark to travel the wrong direction under the gap, causing a miss that often get undiagnosed. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the drilling anymore, when you look at the new Mustang distributor gap, there’s vent already built right there. Visit our Ford Mustang accessories Hicksville New York if you don’t have it already.

To cure regular leaking headers, soak paper-made header gaskets overnight in water before installing it. The gasket’s swell up will do the trick once you cough the engine. It will be pinned into the correct position.

Use air filters to sieve the incoming air of any dust, pollen or any other type of pollution. This will help your engine intake clean air increasing odds of improved Mustang MPG. If you don’t ensure functional air filters, your Mustang will be working harder than usual, consuming more fuel in the process. Before buying new air filters make sure it will be a perfect fit for your engine. And you also want to increase its horsepower, see our Ford Mustang accessories Hicksville.

Follow the slogan ‘less is more’ why? A light Mustang won’t consume a lot of fuel. For this reason, consider easing excess top weight. Unnecessary parts on top of your car will increase aerodynamics due to increased air resistance; this will drag your car causing fuel consumption to shoot.

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