How to Get Your Audi Ready for the Hottest Season of the Year

Whether you own an Audi Q5 in Surrey or an Audi Q7 in Surrey, you need to make sure that they are in great condition for the hottest season of the year. The heat can take their toll even on the most reliable Audi cars. It’s not uncommon for people to take their cars to body shops because the engine suddenly died down or the air conditioner isn’t working properly. This is why it is a good idea to go the extra mile in keeping your Audi Q7 in Surrey conditioned. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Schedule for a service.

Is your Audi due for maintenance? If so, don’t delay the inevitable and schedule for a service right away. What is great about Audi is that you can always be assured of quality service. Whether your car is due for an oil change or replacement of parts, these maintenance staples will be done stringently and with exacting standards. Also make sure the air conditioner is working perfectly with coolant levels normal. Refer to your car’s manual to tell when your car is due for a schedule.

2. Protect your Audi from the intense heat of the sun.

Even Audi cars are not completely immune to the damaging heat of the sun. So make sure you provide ample protection by putting a sun shade or parking at a shaded area. Also protect your car’s dashboard by putting a sun shade inside. The sun can easily damage the leather interior of your luxury vehicle and also affect the material of the dashboard. You can also have the leather seats protected by applying a product that will prevent it from cracking due to the heat.

3. Always check your tire pressure.

Tires can expand with the heat. Although you are using high quality tires, you would want to make sure it has the right pressure to avoid blow outs. This can happen during the summer when you go on a lot of road trips. You can also purchase a tire gauge for Audis so you can personally check the tire pressure before heading out. Make sure there is normal tire pressure before using your car.

4. Have your vehicle detailed.

This is to maintain the shine and luster of your Audi. Make sure you go to reputable Audi car detailing shop that will wash your car properly, apply wax when needed and keep the tires looking good. Don’t let dust settle on your car and in its interiors as this can make your car look old faster.

If you need more tips in keeping your car in good condition, don’t hesitate to talk to Audi dealer such as Audi of Richmond.

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