How to Detail Car Like A Pro

Detailing of car can be done by cleaning and reconditioning the car’s interior and exterior both. It is a process by which we can restore the car’s beauty. Detailing helps us to protect our greatest investment which is our car. Detailing can be done on trucks, buses, superbikes and even on airplanes.

Detailing a car is not about vacuuming a car and washing. In car detailing you have to pay attention on every tiny thing that helps to reconditioning the car. Always begin detailing with the car’s interior. So you don’t have to worry about messing up car’s exterior when you are cleaning car’s interior.

Start with the floor mats as they are the dirtiest thing in the car because our shoe carries muds and dirt. So remove floor mats and use vacuum cleaner for cleaning mats and carpet underneath.

After cleaning carpets vacuum under seats by adjusting seats forward and backward. Clean the carpets with the interior detailing brush. You can use carpet cleaner by applying foam cleanser and rub it with pads or brush.

After washing carpet don’t forget to fix the small carpet holes. If you see extra threads in carpet cut down them with razor or scissors. You can fix holes by replacing them with a piece.

Use non sleep dressing to wash rubber floor mats so that driver’s feet don’t sleep on it.

You can use a mild all-purpose cleaner to wipe hard surface of interior. You can also clean dashboard of car with it.

Don’t forget to clean air vent grilles. You have to use brush which picks up dust and dirt efficiently. Material of brushes should be super absorbent like microfiber cloth. You can apply some spray onto the vent grilles to make them look brand new again.

Now it time to clean seat covers. If seat covers are of leather then you can use leather care products. If seat covers are not of leather you can’t wash them so you can use vacuum cleaner to clean seats.

If you have cleaned your leather seats with leather care products, don’t forget to condition them so that the leather looks visually appealing and doesn’t dry out or begin to crack.

Spray glass cleaner on windows and mirrors and wipe them out. Don’t use normal cloth for cleaning windows. Always use microfiber cloth for cleaning purpose to prevent surface from scratches.

Now let’s move to detailing of cars exterior First Park the car in the shady spot and then wash the car with mild water. Remove the bird droppings and tree sap from the car hood.

Don’t use house hold things for washing a car. It will damage your cars paint and coating. Use car wash shampoo for washing your ride. It will protect paint as well as coatings and add extra glow to the surface.

Now it’s time for cleaning wheels and rims. Brush the wheels and rims with the wheel brush. Use wheel cleaner for cleaning wheels and rims. Wheel is the place where most of the dirt grime and grease accumulates. So apply wheel cleaner for some time and then brush it.

Check wheel cleaners whether they are acid base or not. If so then you can apply that cleaner only on rough-textured alloy wheels. Don’t apply them on polished or clear coated wheels. Gleam up chrome wheels with metal polish or glass cleaner.

If you have tinted windows, be careful before applying cleaners before applying them because some of cleaners contain ammonia or vinegar or both. So read instruction before applying them on the tinted windows.

Get the dirt and mud off the wheel wells with an all-purpose cleaner and high-pressure water spray. Add a vinyl dressing to the wells for a dazzling effect.

Remove bonded contaminants on the car with a liquid clay bar. You can use a traditional clay bar to remove things like sap.

After cleaning of every part is done once again wash the car from the top down, washing and rinsing a section at a time. Do not allow soap to dry. It will leave water stains on the car body.

When you wash the car for the first time you used spray nozzle but now we are doing final wash so remove the spay nozzle from the water hose doing that it will help you to minimize the spots from surface.

After washing don’t use normal cloth to rinse the car. Use microfiber towels for cleaning the car surface. Normal cloth will leave scratches on the cars surface and it can damage the coating of car.

So to protect cars paint and the coating, do use microfiber towels for protecting surface from scratches.

After all these done now it’s time for wax or polishes the car. If you are planning to apply both car wax and car polish. First apply polish and remove the polish before applying wax.

You can use dual action polisher to remove polish or orbital buffer. Or you can remove polish by hand also. Polishing is done for getting glossy look while wax is a protector. It protects the cars paint and coating.

Don’t move the machine in circular motion. You can’t use machine around door hinges and behind bumper so in those areas you have to use hand and do it in circular motion.

You will need Brushes, Wash mitt, Wash bucket, Spray bottles, Hand applicators, Microfiber towels for better detailing.

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