Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive – Described by Car Repair Specialist in Perth

Car remained the dream asset of several person till now. So, when they ultimately make a plan and start searching the internet, they use to focus on some popular features which includes power steering, air conditioner, CC of engine, mileage, music system and so on. But, there are several other important features that you need to check. As per a car repair expert in Perth, they come across several features while they search the internet or when they head to a showroom. But, mostly they don’t know the function of the feature and finally ends up ignoring them. So, let’s today try to know what they are and why they are important.

Wheel Drive

The car engine remains connected with wheels to rotate the wheels and it can be connected to front wheel, rear wheel or all wheel. While it may not sound important to a lay buyer, there are much difference in these three.

Front Wheel Drive

This technology is frequently used in low budget cars to reduce the cost of the car. Here the engine remains connected to the front wheels and so the car gets better torque even when the car isn’t loaded with passengers. Another benefit of FWD cars is they are more fuel efficient than RWD cars. However, on the negative side, it increases the turning radius of the car and if you want to park the car in a narrow place, or want to take a U-turn, you have to put more effort. Also, when the car runs on high speed, you may feel less control on the car.

Rear Wheel Drive

Now, you might have assumed that in this case the engine remains connected to the rear wheel. It is the traditional system that give you good driving experience with better control on top speed. Also, a RWD car enables you sharp U-turn easily. The down side is its increased fuel consumption and high cost.

Four Wheel Drive

No need to explain that it is the most powerful version of a car that gives you superb performance on any type of road and thus this technology is used in SUVs. Naturally, the fuel consumption of SUVs is very high compared to the other two. But, when it comes to driving experience, it can beat some of the top class RWD cars. Also parking an all-wheel drive (AWD) is easy for its sharp turning capability in very congested place.


This is another highly important feature that mostly we overlook. As per an Audi service specialist in Perth airbags save your life if the car meets an accident by blowing out soft air-bag working as a cushion. While some low-priced cars provide driver-only airbag, one should go for four-plus-two airbags. It simply means there would be four airbags for the driver and the rear seat passengers as well as two side-airbags to protect you from the hits on the side body. It may cost you a bit high definitely, but not more than your life.

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