Car Modification Services

Make My Wheels is best Car Modification Company in India. We are working all over India. Car Modification Services in Gurgaon, Delhi design latest model according to you and give performance products.

Car interior refers to the inside looks and features of the Car. Car Companies design their own interiors to give good looks to their vehicles. But  customers modify the inner looks according to their choice, and change the interiors of Cars. Safety is the prime concern in car interior design. Car modification is use to increase the performance of the vehicles and maintain the vehicle to run smoothly. Customer can modify their vehicles to perform better and last longer.

Make my Wheels reprograms the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to keep the engine running smoothly. Tires are also an important part for the performance of your car. Good friction of tires, determines good launch of your car. Car modification Services replace your shocks and springs with higher performance alternatives. The shocks and springs in the suspension of your car, were designed and built with your comfort in mind. In order to maximize comfort, the suspension allows the wheels to move up and down to limit, how much the body of the car is affected by bumps. Replacing these components with stiffer shocks and springs will compromise some of your ride comfort.

Make my Wheels Upgrade your brakes. Being able to stop is the most important part of any car’s performance. The better quality your brakes, the longer you can wait to engage them before a turn. Make My Wheels (MMW) modified into Food Truck / Mobile restaurant / fast food centre for Sale Items inside the van; like – Stainless steel, high flame burners, hot plate slab, Stainless steel wash basin, storage cupboards, water container etc. to make Chinese fast food.

Our Mobile canteens for hire provide all the benefits of our portable offices, but with the addition of a water heater, sink, cupboard and work surface. Our Mobile canteens can be modified to meet your exact requirements and are available in a number of lengths.

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