Amaron Car Battery – Lasts Long, Really Long

No body could imagine driving a car that is not equipped with a battery, as battery is the primary source of power used for starting the engine, powering electrical accessories of car and handles the load when engine is idle. Battery is essential for every type, make and model of car, however every model of car might require a certain type of battery. With number of vehicles increasing on road, even the need of battery for car is increasing, as battery needs to be replaced after every three-four years. Thus, the consistent increase in the demand of car batteries have brought several manufacturers into the market and there are some really good car batteries companies in India offering top quality and zero maintenance car batteries for a large number of customers. Among the myriad brands of car batteries available, Amaron car battery is highly trusted and preferred among the car enthusiasts.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited is the largest manufacturer of extensive range of India’s most powerful zero-maintenance batteries. Due to the incorporation of the latest technological advances in the field of captive power, Amaron batteries are on par with batteries manufactured anywhere in the world. The company unrelenting focus on innovative engineering and a deep-rooted commitment to research and design has allowed them to deliver top quality products at outstanding prices. Amaron with its innovative and long-lasting batteries has risen to a premier position in a span of just seven years. It was the first car battery that comes completely charged from the factory, thereby ensuring customers that all batteries are built with same quality and would offer same performance.

Amaron really revolutionised the car batteries market by offering zero maintenance batteries having longest warranty. The company was the first to offer car batteries that come with 36 month, 48 month and 60 month warranties that was twice the warranty period of other car batteries available in the market. It is the use of latest technology and the company’s unwavering commitment towards the quality and excellent customer-service that in every minute, five Amaron batteries are being fitted in vehicles in India. Amaron batteries is the first car battery in India that comes with patented Silven X alloy that gives the battery the power to last long, really long. This brand of car battery is extremely popular among customers due to excellent features like reliability, robust design, heat tolerance, vibration resistance, highest reserve capacity and maximum warranty that ensure smooth and hassle-free operation of cars in any climatic condition.

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