A Simple Strategy for Finding the Best Service Shop for Your Car

You drive your Mercedes with pride. You waited and saved for the day that you could drive it off the lot, but driving it is even better than you dreamed. Now, keeping it in shape is going to mean finding a great shop for Mercedes repair and service in Atlanta, and that may take a little work. As a Mercedes owner, you understand the value of the best, and sometimes it isn’t at the dealer. Here’s a strategy for finding an even better alternative.


Start with finding positive reviews of your local auto repair shops. Evaluate what specifically is good about the place. Is the service great, or just one person? Then, find the worst review. Ignore the ones that just vent about Mercedes repair and service in Atlanta. However, if reviews indicate that the business lied, caused damage, or cut corners, watch out—especially if it doesn’t appear to be a unique experience. You want to find places that are so good, happy customers took the time to write about it to the world.


Once you have a list of three places, go to the first place for an oil change. This is your luxury car. You’ve got to trust the people working on it. Do they take time to answer your questions? How are they treating the carsand customers in their shop? What does that tell you about how your experience will be? Ultimately it doesn’t matter the rating, credentials or reputation of a place. It’s your car. Do you want it in their hands? If not, move on.


This is the secret ingredient that most places miss. They want your car to be in its best shape because they value the machine even more than the money. They look for ways to make your Mercedes the masterpiece it was designed to be. You don’t want a place that will overcharge and upsell.

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